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"A picture is a poem without words." ~Horace

Barbara Bitner photo

My Work

“My work is an attempt to express a personal, often sacred, relationship with the natural world while inquiring into the ways of humans and the interface where the two meet.”

With a degrees in Environmental Studies and Art, my heart has always belonged to both nature and creative expression.  Early in my career, I moved on from the Forest and Park Services to art administration and education, all along still indulging my creative vein through ceramics and jewelry-making. After returning from a six-week sojourn to Japan in 2006 with over 3500 photos, I started pursuing photography and digital art as a primary medium of expression.


As I would hike, ski, paddle and peddle through nature’s landscapes, what my camera captured and what I experienced were often different.  My photographic work seeks to reconcile that difference through digital editing.

The Journey continues

ENCAUSTIC ART: The art of combining Beeswax, Tree Resin, Shellac and Pigment.

Like so many creative types, my life’s  journey has had endless twists and turns, multiple places I called home, careers, paths of spiritual inquiry, travels, and so on, all of which, is brought to the work. As such, so my art has also been a journey of unending exploration and discovery working in many mediums to see what I could say in each.


Seven years ago I was introduced to Encaustic painting and have been enamored with it ever since. There is wonderful beauty, depth and luminosity that can be achieved with this medium. I am particularly appreciative of the opportunity to create art about the natural world using materials sustainably sourced from it.

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