Barbara Bitner Fine Art

"A picture is a poem without words." ~ Horace

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My Work...

“My work is an attempt to express a personal, often sacred, relationship with the natural world while inquiring into the ways of humans and the interface where the two meet.”

With a degrees in Environmental Studies and Art, my heart has always belonged to both nature and creative expression.  Early in my career, I moved on from the Forest and Park Services to art administration and education, all along still indulging my creative vein through ceramics and jewelry-making. After returning from a six-week sojourn to Japan in 2010 with over 3500 photos, I decided to pursue photography and digital art as a primary medium of expression.


Now, as I hike, ski, paddle and peddle through nature’s landscapes, what my camera sees and what I experience are often different.  I seek to reconcile that difference through digital editing.

Image Galleries


Japan 2010

Work from a 6-week pilgrimage to Honshu.


Sierra Mountains

Living in the Sierra Foothills for over 10 years has provided access to unlimited sources for inspiration.


New York City

I make an annual sojourn to New York City to visit family, friends and old stomping grounds.


National Parks

National, State and Local parks abound in our country. I spend as much time as possible wandering their grounds.


New Work

New Work is focused more on imagery than location.


Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta in Northern California is a constant source of awe and beauty not just for sweeping vistas but in the small details as well.